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My challenge

I've got to share this with everyone... I'm bursting at the seems with excitment.

I had a vision (not sure if it was while dreaming or meditating) I was running with a pink T-shirt on for charity...

so I've just done a search on the net, and there is a 5K race for life near me on June 3rd.

I've NEVER ran before, but now I'm a non-smoker (:D ) I'm going to train and run to raise money for breast cancer.

It's not going to be easy, but I've done the hardest thing in kicking the habit - it's nice to have a focus!

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Good for you. I did Race for Life last year and am doing it again this year. It is a great feeling, but quite sad at the same time. You will wonder why you smoked when you realize you are actually running for breast cancer. I run the week after you. Have you registered yet, as the places seem to go pretty quick.:) Good luck and you will really enjoy it.:)


Great News

Do we get to sponsor you?

Good luck!


Not yet Sandra... I didn't know I had to, will have to look into that. I'm suprised no-one really wants to join me :confused:

I'm not sure about that either Riz...

I'll have to get more info!

Are you trining for it Sandra?


I was but I tore my meniscus so I will probably just walk and run it. You don't have to be that fit. On the web site it has lots of training info. Last year was my first time and I walked most of it. There were lots just walking and lots running so do whatever you feel.:) It is a great feeling knowing that you are doing something worthwhile


Well Done Seren! what a great positive focus!

Good one on you too Sandra! what athletic ladies you are!!

Such a good worthy cause too x x


One step at a time eh Sandra! :D I am a lil shocked that I've told people today and they have just laughed at me PAH!

Thanks Buffy - hope all is ok your end?


Race For Life

Yes you can walk it and it can be as short as you like.

Here's the online sponsor sheet!

I have a friend that is doing a 60 mile walk over 3 days for breast cancer :)



I think it is brilliant that you are doing it, you should be really proud. If your friends laugh at you, challenge them to do it with you, then you can see who is laughing!!!! You will be fine and you will really enjoy it. You also get a medal and a goodie bag at the end. Last year the bag had some herbal teas, lots of sample moisturisers, shower gels and deoderants.


Thanks Sandra and Riz for the tips, advice and encouragement...

I've had a better look, and seen it's £10 entry fee - so I'm gonna see what mates I can round up 2mora.

I think it's fab, both me and others benifit from the run... and the training guide by reebok is amazing!

We'll have to keep in touch over the next few weeks leading up to the race Sandra!

It's one way to make sure I stay smoke free ;)


Give us a shout or throw up the link would be better! if you get that online sponsor form thingy i will donate/sponsor you.


thank you buffy X.

Is everyone alright?


I will donate or sponsor you too!


Ahhh well, I've set up a page... 10 weeks and counting!


Good for you Seren, I have visited the link and put in a small amount for the great cause, well proud of you.


Awww bless you, thank you so much Buffy...

Oddly the link is not working for me... it's saying accsess forbiden :confused: :mad:


i know! did i break it :confused: i made the donation then next time i went to link error! lol i tried through site too i think it must be on their part, check tomorrow



Thank you so much.... *insert hugging icon*

How does it feel to be the first? lol

You are a true gem!



yes feels good been a long time since i have had a first ;) lol

Thanks for the flowers hun :o


oh you see i linked it too my sig too lol hope its cool with you, just thought the more links the better!

I'll remove it if it feels odd to you no problem x


Hi thats really good, and good luck. I have been stopped for 8 weeks now, its been a struggle and am still chewing gum like nobody's business, but like you I have decided to run. I smoked 30 a day for 40 yrs and its not easy, but on Tuesday theres a 5k in York, have registered, got my number and intend to finish even if I crawl round. Can go about 5 mins without stopping and getting better. 8 weeks ago I could not have run for 5 seconds. Joined a gym and feel brill physically. Still very ratty and up and down with the moods, especially on a morning when really miss my first cig of the day. Thats me now, chewing gum and trying to divert myself. I WILL not smoke again but the cravings are still there and somehow this week have been bad.

I'll wish you luck and in some ways will be running for us all. Its to sponsor British Heart Foundation. A bit ironic really when for 40 yrs I have been furring up my arteries, causing myself cardio vascular problems, kippering my lungs and generally killing myself, but now at least I have made a positive change- maybe far too late, but at least I might live a bit longer- hey have saved over £200 too- that went to some running shoes!

Good luck and stay with the guys on here, they are all very supportive



not at all Buffy... I'm glad of tthe support! :D

Hay Ron....that's fantastic going!!!

it's crazy, I feel like I've been living a dream, wasting my life being a slave to the fags.

Kicking the habit sure is liberating!!!

Let us know how the run goes Ron - we've all behind you in every step!



All this running in this forum it makes me a feel a bit lazy, i have just had a fry up and am now sat on my backside drinking tea

Lollol SNAP! hehe

So full can't imagine eating a full Sunday roast later!


indeed, i will put every effort into it, because its my duty!


ROFL @ legs out straight to keep from sinking under, yes still not smoking :D still totally valid :D


You'll have to get one of those stena lift things to get you in out of that bath soon!


hehe loving that braced up biggles chappy hehe

Ah no Boudee i am only teasing we've got to stick to our see food diet ! lol


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