No Smoking Day

Falling Down

Haven't posted anything for quite a while. Have been reading posts from others and its great to see that so many of us are still off the cigs and that our ranks are swelling.

Well - its been almost 5 weeks since I quit. Unfortunately, I fell about 10 days ago ..... had a bit of a tiff with the wife and had a two cigs in a row. Problem was that I enjoyed them. Afterwards, I really felt like crap and felt as if I had really let myself down. Its scary how adictive cigs really are. I've been feeling the benefits of no smoking for a month and then had 2 cigs and they felt good ...... :mad:

Anyway, I didn't smoke the next day or the next or the next ... and so on until I've been 10 days off them again. Ran 6 miles in under an hour last week and can do 50 push ups without turning blue .... so its all good and is really paying off. :D But those 2 cigs did cost me - it took another week before my lungs started to continue their clearing out.

I suppose there are a few things we all need to be careful about as our quit times get longer

- don't under estimate the power of nic

- don't assume 1 cig is no big deal

- don't assume it is easier then it really is

- avoid stressful situations

- as the novelty of giving up wears off, don't assume the power of nic wears off

My physical addiction to nicotine is over ... but my mental dependancy is still there and I need to be under constant vigilence to keep it at bay.

Good luck everyone - keep at it. May the force be with you !! :D

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Good Luck!

Hey CN

I understand your frustrations... I slipped yesterday, but fully intend giving it another go.

Good luck... you CAN do this.




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