No Smoking Day
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Day 7 - Wednesday

Have to admit, last night was terrible. I was really craving for a cigarette. Baby was in bed ... and wife went to the gym. I ate dinner ..... ate fruit .... ate cereals ... more fruit .... and kept eating until I didn't want to eat anymore. I drank almost 2 litres of water in the space of 2 hours !!! All I really wanted to do was finish it off with a fag. But I didn't do it. Just ended up going to bed early again.

Really happy and relieved this morning that I did not smoke last night (can;'t say my bladder felt the same after I downed 2 litres of water)!! Its now almost 1 week since I quit .... and its been cold turkey for me. First two days were tough .... but last night was a real pain. Drinking lots of water and eating really helped. I'll worry about loosing the extra weight later. Most important thing is to give up the fags.

Went for jog today and ran for about 40 mins. Have been jogging for a year once or twice a week and have been cutting down cigs for about a year also (from 20 per day to about 15). These two things have really helped me this time as has the Alan Carr book. Felt terrific today running ... no real shortness of breath. Also, this time, not everyone was passing me out as quickly as they normally do. Looking forward to tomorrow - hope its sunny at lunchtime when I go for my run.

Thanks to everyone on the forum for their help - especially GeordieTrucker who seems to be an inspiration for us all.

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