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I feel Terrible

Is it just me? I have been smoke free for 12 days now, and have found it hard but am very proud of myself for doing it.

Problem is, I feel AWFUL! I have been ill since the day I quit, i have a sore throat, and stiff neck, period pains that are the worst I have ever had and I just don't get it!

I thought giving up was supposed to make you feel better?!


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You will feel better.

Your body is just readjusting itself and healing itself. I injured my knee about 7 years ago and I used to get pains in it. Then the pains stopped. It came back after day 2 of quitting ... because my blood circulation is working propertly again. Now on day 7 my knee is still sore but not as sore as it was on day 2. Obviously it is healing properly and nerve endings and blood vessels are working again properly.

You need to consider giving up cigs the same as having an operation. It'll take a few weeks or so for the healing process to work its magic before you really do feel better.

Keep at it. If you don't feel well it means your body is healing itself.


Thanks - I hope you are right, I definately don't want to smoke again and am going to reduce my patches, hopefully that will help as well, i just want to feel healthy!



Pains and Patches

Hi there martini.....fully agree with 12'nt it great! Anyway Im on patches to and getting some slight pains in my arms sometimes, sore throat, wicked dreams and really bad sleep, but on the upside I have lost the pain that I used to get in neck region and knees, therefore for me the benefits of the patches far out weigh the downside. As you mentioned you on Day 12 using them I would stay on them. I didnt do full course of patches years ago and thought after a couple of weeks I could save my money by not getting them but did go back on fags a couple of weeks later. This time I intend to see the course through.

Anyway feel really proud of you both...infact anyone who has the grit and determination to realise that enough is enough and give up being a slave to something that is killing us at our own expense.

I am on Day 16 at moment and dont regret anything about not smoking and yes I feel proud also, so hey cant see a downside to this. Good luck to you know you can do it.


:) Thanks....its good to get other peoples take on things! I did think i would reduce the patches as i can't really afford the precriptions (money is why i have given up smoking) but if yr advice is to stay on then i will!

I take them off at night as I was never much of a morning smoker anyway - I find that my worst time is around 3pm and when the kids have gone to bed! I do allow myself one lozenge a day for the bad times......

Maybe my sore neck is something to do with the patches (My husband is giving up and using the inhalater and is fine!) I will hang in there and just take painkillers so that I can keep going, am so determined this time!

I gave up once before when i was pregnant (went cold turkey...ate LOADS!) but started again :mad:

I love not smoking, none of my friends do, and I felt really stupid being the only one smoking...I know I can do this!

Bizarrely, I haven't been eating more this time - in fact I am less hungry than before....not normal is it?



Good on ya

Hi Martini well Im not eating any more than normal because the day I quit wife put me on a healthy eating plan so not only did I have to stop smoking but also had to forget that I could replace the fags with food.....but hey what she doesnt know

When I first got the two boxes of patches and the Gum on presicription I couldnt believe how expensive they were ...about £13.00 (thats nearly 3 packs of fags!). I thought they would be free or cost very little. Anyway on to second batch of patches (didnt get gum this time) and it cost £6.66, so wasnt to bad.

If the patches are helping you then well worth it (take the money from hubbys inhalator expenses...he he), as the cigarettes will be mush more expensive in the long run.....and not just financially!

You seem to be doing great.....also this site has kept me busy and I enjoy being able to tell people how it can be done. Anything that helps us quit is worth trying. Great to hear succeeding, keep it up.


I do allow myself one lozenge a day for the bad times......

Don't feel guilty about it! Remember that everyone is different, you have to do whatever you feel best to get you through.Nicotine gum and patches is also a lot safer and healthier than smoking.

Balance the cost of the nicotine stuff now with the cost of fags over the rest of your life, and you'll see how much money you'll save!

You've done really well to get this far, a lot of people find this stage the toughest. You're feeling ill as your body feels it has 'lost' something it has got used to. Soon it'll realise that it can survive quite happily without nicotine and you can cut down the patches, BUT don't do it too soon! And use that gum if you get any 'pangs'!

Keep it up!



I am feeling better already x



And see you didnt even need a cigarette to feel better! Bit of a result eh:)


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