No Smoking Day

Day 16

Only me......Day 16 now here.......hopefully should be another day that passes fag free. Still upbeat about the whole not smoking thing and wish I could pursuade others that quitting is not as hard as we are made to fact was it ever hard or is it as I expect that we have been conditioned to fear a life without cigarettes. In fact the opposite could actually be said.....there can be no life WITH cigarettes!

Anyway whatever is the case I honestly do think that we have scared ourselves so much into thinking that it is the hardest thing in the world to give up, when actually I would consider that a blind person trying to learn braile or a deaf child trying to learn sign language would actually be a lot harder and here we are worrying about how to stop smokin! Makes you think eh!

Well I'll get off my high horse now...hope I havnt offended anyone but now starting to think that I have been selfish all this time as a smoker. Well not anymore. Good luck all and I'll be back on later........we can and will give this thing up!

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You seem to be really confident about it all. Well into my second week now but its still a bit of a knife edge with me. Would hate to start again, but its still there in me lurking. Saved over £70 and feeling 100% fitter but the demon is still there tempting me- why oh why! But take a day at a time and hopefully it will go away. Maybe am nit finding quite as easy as you, but am determined if nothing else.

Have a good day all



3rd week Ron

Ron its our third week now so you should be feeling extra proud. Only lately (last couple of days) that the cravings have gone completely and its hard to explain but I think its actually just hit home that I dont need the fags, after all how could I ever of been happy and coped when I didnt smoke? And I now find that even looking at fags depresses me!

To tell you truth mate I have resigned myself to the realisation that there is a life (and more of it) without the fags.....just look at the things you done this weekend wearing trainers and cycling shorts lol.....and not actually requiring an ash tray on ya bike!

Lets face it mate we have both been slaves to these things for so long and its about time we made the break...however hard or easy. You said it yourself you feel 100% fitter, you dont get that feeling with cigarettes. Keep going mate....we will get there and actually feel PROUD in the process.


Keep yourself busy Ron! You are doing really well to get this far. £70 already? At this rate you'll soon be able to buy yourself a pressy as a reward!


Day 16 (End of)

Well thats the end of Day 16 and was'nt to bad. Sorted the pain in my arms by putting patches on my legs...only prob is cant walk now lol only joking...but pain in arms caused real discomfort. Now sorted. Had my first coughing bout last night between about midnight and 1am and my throat feels well sore when I swallow, which has pleased my wife as she says I wont want to eat now so I can lose some weight in considerate eh.

Anyway cravings have remained in the past the last 3 days and I am definately feeling loads better than first few days, but some would put that down to the NRT patches helping things along. Anyway whatever it is smoking cannot compare and whatever pains, niggles etc I am having are well worth it! Day 17 here I come!


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