No Smoking Day

Day 6 - Tuesday

Still haven't smoked and things are definitlty getting easier.

Mental symptoms - I am thinking about smoking - especially at night when I am not working but it is not too bad. I am trying to get to bed earlier so that I don't get too worked up.

Physical symptoms - sleep is a bit disturbed but drinking lots of water and eating fruit and high-fiber cereals is helping. My eyes get sore during the day and I feel really tired sometimes .... especially coming home from work.

Positive symptoms - lots and lots here. Breathing easier, lots more energy, more confident, no more coughing, look better, wrinkles dissappearing, circulatory pains in arm gone, etc etc. My 2 year old doesn't complain anymore when I lift her out of the bath ..... becuase my hands were too cold !!!

One more day and it'll be a full week off them.

Keep trying everybody .... its worth it.

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Well done carbonneutral! I had sleep problems also but hey isn't it worth it! The positives far outweigh the negatives and you seem to be doing great......looking back now just looking at my kids when they were young should have been good enough reason for me to stop and in your shoes definately would be now.

Cravings do get easier and the "sleeping as long as you can" trick is also great to get rid of the cravings, but guess that with a 2yr old the sleep bit is a challange.

Anyway again WELL DONE...onto 2nd week soon for you and believe me its worth every minute of the cravings.


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