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Day 15

Hello again into Day 15 and actually starting to feel confident about quitting for good. At present seems a waste to spend £4.30 on fags, just to make me stink and ruin my health.....what a change of heart from Day 1.

Will let you know how day and night go's.......please stay stopped all, it really is worth it and the emptiness and cravings dont last forever.

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Day 15 (End of)

Me again.......well thats Day 15 over with and quite an easy fag free 24 hr period. Hopefully Im now seeing light at end of the tunnel type thingy bob. Seems strange now that after all that craving in first few days I am now at the point where Im even looking for the cravings to make sure im not missing something.....but hey cant find any so jobs a good'un at mo.

Was a bit stressfull last night.....but well pleased with proceedings so far. Anyone reading this and wishing they could get as far? I Know I was reading well ahead when I started to quit and I'll admit was jealous of those in Weeks 2 and 3 but hey it honestly does go quick and fags hopefully become a thing of the past!

Onto Day 16 now for me and looking forward to Day 17, bring it on nicotine monster!


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