No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - Sunday

First day off work and not smoking ..... so I really had to occupy myself with something else. Decided to spend sometime in the kitchen .... cooking something nice. Feel that I just need to keep busy. Day 4 is nearly over and I still have not smoked.

I've been smoking 25 years .... since I was 12. I'm 37 now. I feel 10 years younger today. I've tonnes more energy. The muscle pain in my forearm is going (its been there for 2 months probably due to bad circulation). The corns on my feet are healing properly - been there for about 1 year (again probably due to bad circulation).

Tomorrow will be good - first time going for a jog since I was 13 where I won't be coughing my guts up when I finish.

I feel like such as idiot. I'm 37 now and have given up for 4 days. I feel fantastic. I've spent the last 20 odd years tired .... lethargic ..... I cannot imagine how better life would have been had I never smoked a cig.

I just hope I don't go back on them

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Day 4 eh

Hey carbon....WELL DONE! Obviously been keeping it quiet coming straight in at Day 4. Anyway would imagine you feeling really proud.......its not easy to give up but then again its not a life or death reason why you need the fags either so keep going.

I kid you not you will feel fitter and better with every day that passes and smell better in the process. Keep going mate.


Brill news Carbon- welcome to the merry band! Did my 1st run for 40 yrs yeaterday and feel so much better. Its not eay but its well worth it.

I was the worlds most hardened fag ash king- look at me now!

Hang on in there- everyone is supportive on here.



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