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I am about to start


Hello everyone. I am starting with stopping in the morning and unlike previous dismal attempts, I am REALLY determined this time and (i think) doing it for the right reasons such as my health (i have had a sore throat for nearly a month now and it is starting to freak my out) and for my son who deserves way better then a stinky smoking mum :(

I have been reading through the forum this evening and I have found it really suportive already! It's great to know that right at this minuter there are people who are in the same boat as me. Also it's great to have people to turn to who are not going to be judgemental as I find it difficult explaining to other people how hard stopping can be. Either the smokers are not very encouraging or defensive or the non smokers (my husband) are supportive but really have no idea how hard it can be as they were never stupid enough to start in the first place!

I am hoping that a combination of the patch and this site, will help me to finally beat the cigs this time. I will be back tomorrow to let you know how the first day went! At the moment I am half excited and half anxious, so please excuse the rambling posting!

Good Luck to Me:)

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Dag Dutchgirl!

Best of luck to you and we hope to hear your updates soon!

Go for it

Hi Dutchgirl.....all I can say is go for it.....we have ALL been in your position! Some appear to find it easier to quit then others but whatever your feeling or craving.......you will find someone on this site that has same and understands what your going through. I use the patches (Week 3 for me) and they seem to be working fine, also have NRT gum for emergencies.

Anyway Good Luck and hope Day 1 go's well. Theres loads of excellant and common sense reasons to give up the dreaded weed and none for staying on them.

Hope to see you on Day 2.

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