No Smoking Day

Day 13

Well here comes another weekend.....which after a good sleep means that the Metro Centre will be beckoning the wife! This in turn means I'll be going to.....! Dont mind too much now as I can happily walk around enclosed public places/shops without having to leave her unnacompanied so I can have a fag! The benefit is obvious....I can keep a reign on her spending lol, where as before she was left alone to fight her urges to get just one more pair of sling backs.,....he he.

Anyway I'm looking forward to Sunday at 10pm because that will be exactly 2 weeks that Ive been fighting the nicotine monster without letting him have the upper hand.....! Bring it on eh!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend......time to spend the money we've saved on fags later.:)

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Day 13 (End of)

Well thats my Day 13 over with....had a few cravings but nothing major and being out and about all day in shops helped.....never thought I'd ever say shopping helps anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Another restless night.....managed 4 1/2 sleep before I woke, but managed to get back over a couple of times....had me beat at 7.30am so just got up. Really vivid dreams still and was hoping the side effects would of worn off by now, but cant do without patches at moment so will have to put up with sleep probs.

Anyway onto Day 14 now and tommorrow is my Week 3...YAHOO. Not saying that its been easy these last 2 weeks but it's not been life or death situation either and patches have been great help. Oh and still have the gum for emergencies.

Hope the last couple of weeks posts will help at least 1 person to beat the fags but in any event stopping smoking has got to be a "no-brainer" for us all. Its cost me thousands all these years and I'm hoping that i may just be able to rescue some of my health!.. Good luck and if you reading this with a view to stopping PLEASE DO STOP SMOKING!


Staying stopped

Hi all

Should be day 15 now- nearly at the end of it- but have knocked 2 days off cos of 2 lapses last week- 3 one day and 1 the other.

Been fittest day of my life for 40 yrs. Did a bike ride with my mate, 2hours round lanes, then went for a jog. Ankles and knees kiliing but lungs ok. Been for 3 walks, had loads of fruit, 2 good meals and felt good, till about an hour ago. Had a massive craving, but walked it off. Hope thats going to be the last of the crawling up the wall cravings. Am on patches and an inhalator, but that was bad!!! Do you think booze makes cravings worse- had a few Stellas. Doc said he did not care what wnet in my mouth as long as it was not a ciggy! Theres a joke there!!! But have always liked a beer- within moderation and dint wanna give that up too. Feeling bit more composed now but last craving was bad. The local shop is a 2 mins walk- could have gone for a pack of JPS but didnt! Bet their profits are plummeting. What did I do today to make me feel proud eh?

Good luck all- am feeling it bad.



Feeling bad.

Hey Ron your a non smoker and thats something to be proud of....keep it going mate....u know its worth it,.


It's really good to hear you both doing so well!

Some say it's not the drinking that makes you feel like a fag, just the surroundings (pub/club etc).

2 weeks is half-way to the 1 month mark- a lot of people say when you've been off 'em for 4 weeks then you've beaten 'em.

Keep going!


Only 2 weeks to go

Thanx for that moving on to Day 14 Third Week....very determined as came this far and dont want to let every1 down. Speak later.:D


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