No Smoking Day

Quit Dec 31 06. New to this forum

Hi all

Just found this forum.

I quit CT on New Years Eve.

Had some really bad times and still have them but have stayed away from the fags.

I had smoked for many many years.

The other forum I was on seems to be drying up.

Are there loads of New Year Quitters here?


I have been quit for 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 12 hours and 38 minutes (52 days). I have saved £196.30 by not smoking 682 cigarettes. I have saved 4 Days, 17 hours and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2007 00:00

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Hi Tim

I stopped 24th November but started again :(

But ... have a new quit date of this coming Monday and am really looking forward to becoming a non-smoker. This time it has to be for good, its ridiculous how many times I've tried...

Congratulations for sticking with it - you must feel really proud of yourself, especially if you've been through some bad times.

Anyway, I've also only just found this forum but am already finding it useful to have somewhere to go! So welcome from me too!


Day 12 I think

Hi Tim and hi all

Good to see a few more on here. I think I am on day 12- had a slip last Monday which put me back a day.

Feeling very very very low- want a fag so much, feel like jacking it all in and going down to the shop for a pack of JPS. Have had a death in the family, a funeral and tonight a fall out with my best mate- but something is making me not go back to the fags, just.

Should not have a drink in the evening, but the doc said I could do what I wanted as long as no fags. wish could motivate myself to put my trackie on and go out for a walk/run, or get on my bike.

A very very stressful job, probs sleeping and anxious all the time- is it worth it- guess its better than death. When will it get better?

Help so badly needed

This is the most selfish thing have ever written- me, me , me. Sorry




There are OK days and bad days. I find a useful coping tool is to mentally reherse what I will do over the next bit of time. For example at petrol stations i sit in car for a few seconds reviewing what I will do when I pay. This seems to help me not say the dreaded "and 20 Silk Cut please" I generally get a Ginsters slice as a substitute.

Stay with out and dont worry about long term, deal with the next hours only.


I have been quit for 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 22 hours and 44 minutes (53 days). I have saved £201.62 by not smoking 701 cigarettes. I have saved 4 Days, 20 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2007 00:00



Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and very impressed with the support everyone gives each other. I quit smoking 8 weeks ago after 35 years smoking 20-30 a day. I went cold turkey and have found it surprisingly easy I can`t understand it I have tried so many times before and didnt even manage 1 full day, maybe it is my time. Good luck everyone Paul ;)


Welcome Paul!

Fantastic going Paul!

yeah quitting is a mysterious thing! it's all in the ti.............................................ming lol!

Thanks for your luck, sure it will rub off on many here!

Keep it up :) Buffy x

Oh and if you want to start a new thread you can use the 'new thread' link, top left of the forums menu, i believe theres also a 'new thread' link under the 'forum tools' tab on the toolbar.

Hope I make sense >< the layout here does take a little getting used to!!


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