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No Smoking Day
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i keep trying

Hi i have just joined i have been smoking for many years i have panic attacks and i don't get out much so the only place i smoke is at home i have tried stopping smoking a few times but i really do what to stop i have managed to cut down to 10 cigs a day every night i say to my family i am going to stop smoking tomorrow but i start as soon as i get up i try to keep myself busy but as soon as i sit down and relax i light up i can go for 5 or six hours with out smoking then i just give in i am glad i have found this site i think it will help me reading how others are getting on marg :)

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Give it up 4 Marg

Well said Boudee..........give it a go Marg.....what have you to lose? As you can see theres loads giving it up and we all here to help one another......try weighing up the pro's and cons of smoking to start with.....em not many pros to smoking eh and if you do find any......like for instance "it makes me feel happy", think about how you were ever happy before you started smoking. Food for thought eh. Best of luck......


go on, don't give up giving up.

you can beat those pieces of filth.

fight it!


Marg! You can do it!

Think of all the good things that will happen when you leave your past smoking life behind for good, and think about all the rewards you will be able to get yourself :) With you every step of the way,



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