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Day 9

Day 9 here I come......wife and kids trying best to not get me too stressed out as they all hoping I can quit. This site has been very usefull and a great help to see so many people have gone through the same also keeps me occupied and hands busy, which in turn is helping to get away from the habit of holding a fag......will let u know how day go's.

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So this weekend it will be 2 weeks? That's a real milestone, you're chance of a heart attack has been greatly reduced and you should find climbing stairs and exercise easier. how much money have you saved?


Been to a very emotional funeral today-but have managed to regard yesterday as a blip and not had a cig all day- when normally would have had a load under such circumstances. Got some more patches and 2 hours to go till bed time- will get there.

Thanks for everybodys support.

Hope I can manage work tomorrow- thats always a bad time.


well done Ron:)

keep it up


End of Day 9

Well all Day 9 has finally past and managed to stay fag into Day 10. Glad to hear you keeping going Ron.....I reckon the couple of ciggies you had will only serve to make you more determined, like I said earlier.........and at least you've admitted that you not trying to kid yourself. Thats got to be worth a pat on the back.

Try to keep positive mate......we all are at risk of picking those cancer sticks back up again.....but hey who needs them now.....if we can go 1,2, or even 3 days without them and still be in one piece, why can't we make that years....and we'll actually feel better, fitter and of course richer ££££££ without them.

Top tip mate.....I play Heather Smalls "What have you done Today to Make You Feel Proud" record at least once every night when Im in the truck and it actually works for me.....stupid I know....but if it boosts my motivation I'll try anything. Going back to being reliant on them little white sticks is not an option for me now!......keep it up mate and i'm well chuffed you decided to keep quitting.


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