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Day 5

Hi everyone

Well Day 5 upon me already.......coming to the end of the working week and new challenge guessed get onto Day 6 smoke free. Still not sleeping great but maybe thats the result of the buzz that I'm getting from staying smoke free. Suppose it may appear a bit sad that I'm getting a buzz from it......but after being a smoker so long the feeling of not being tied to them horrible little sticks feels brill.

Keep it up Dell says "You know it makes sense":rolleyes:

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Day 5 is history!

Hi again all,

Well thats Day 5 over with. No problems really.......except sleeping pattern still well out of sink.......just cant seem to have a consecutive few hours without waking.......but's worth it to be fagless.

Last night went on longest drive of week and it was great!.......Feels so great to have a fresh and clear smokeless cab for 8 hours!

Still get cravings now and again but pass after a few minutes, particularly when i think of the damage a cig does.

Well here we go to day 6.....and hopefully the successfull end of 1st

Good luck all


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