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No Smoking Day
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Fresh Air

I always in charge of anything and everything since my childhood, you could say like a leader. But only one thing had leaded me for few years with out my knowledge is Cigarette.

One fine day one of my friends from high school visited me, he always was/is a good observer. After spending a day with my family and me he said one thing, which led me quit cigarette. He said I always admired you for your leadership qualities, well now too you are in a good position, nice family and friends. But did you ever try to find what commanding you????? What??? I was like who’s commanding me??? ……Cigarette. …That’s it he didn’t say anything more. After this conversation it took two days for me to think about it, then I realized that I was smoking without any reason just smoking not even know why but I did ………after few days it was stop smoking day…I did it on that day…that means on 31st May and I am still enjoying my fresh air.

This decision saved my health, wealth and build up a good relationship with everyone including my family. So quit for your own good.


Stop Smoking For Your Good Health

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The dangerous effects and health risks of smoking. Smoking addiction, the effects of smoking on a pregnant woman,(well I am a man) on passive smokers, on our facial charm, on our teeth, on our stress, Effects on secondhand smoke, effects on vitamin a & c.

Just a few lines, but these diseases will change your life.



The depressed android >_< Wish you didn't read like a boring ol' robot and changed the record be nice if a real person came back to show how life really is further down the quit line.



Marv :D


Can't expect me to remember what I was going on about over 6 months ago :p hehehe


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