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4days stopped with zyban!

I stopped smoking on wednesday with the help of my stop smoking group and zyban. I am pleasantly surprised that today, only four days in, i feel fine:D ! I think everyone should try (doctor permitting) zyban as i've tried to stop before alone and with nrt with little success and alot of strass but this is such a different experience! the pills really have taken away any withdrawal symptoms and although i do still feel a little moody i think its due more to the change in my routine. My hands still crave something to do and my brain reminds me that i usually smoke after meals, first thing ect but its not hard to deal with, just a matter of doing something to take my mind off it. I'm also chewing gum constantly and although i did start with nicorette gum i stopped because the nicotine isn't recognised by my brain! its like it doesn't exist! Very strange considering i've been smoking half an oz of baccy a day for the last 13/14 yrs! has anyone else had the experience of using zyban?

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