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No Smoking Day
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First time quitting

Hi everyone. Today is the first day of my first quit attempt! I smoke between about 6 or 10 a day and started smoking a couple of years back as my bloke at the time smoked. But I don't want to smoke anymore. It's summer, I want to get trim and fit but I can barely run! So I went to the chemists the other day and got a pack of gum stuff from him. Hopefully that'll do the trick?

Anyway, I have also joined a gym and I cant' really afford to smoke AND go to the gym so that's gotta be an incentive, right? First session at the gym was the other day and that was embarrassing - I just cant' do anything! Gym instructior says that will change as I am off the cigs for longer - I'll keep you updated! Good luck to everyone else starting today!

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Thats a good initiative i guess, the gym thing-for it will prevent yuo spend moeny on cigarettes


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