No Smoking Day
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Day 17 and still going strong

Hi all , well its now day 17 can't believe that I have gone this long without smoking. Its been really tough but glad I've carried on. I know its early days, but I am so determined. Its great smelling so nice all day, (apart from a night out down the pub,you come home stinking ,did we really smell like that !!!!!!!) actually having money in your purse all the time, and feeling proud when people ask "have you a had a cigarette yet" and saying no. I found out that smokers don't really like to talk to me much at the moment.

Starting to feel a little better this week, have felt awful. Sleeping better and headaches gone. Still look pale, but skin feels nice.

Let me know how you are all going, this site has been a life saver,its been a real help

Amanda x ( a non smoker )

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