No Smoking Day
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Day one and finding the whole thing rather difficult. Not so much with wanted to smoke but just thinking " I will have a cigarette in a minute " Life feels pretty empty without smoking, its like losing a friend .

Have to go out this eveving (meeting in a pub) ,hope i'll be ok . Feel determined but will it last .

Have been smoking all of my adult life ,20 aday. Really want to stop to improve my health , sick of feeling tired, smelling like an ash tray and spending so much money on nothing.

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keep it up

Hi Amanda

I just wanted to say that I felt exactly the same as you last week. I am on day 5 now and I can honestly say the first three days were the hardest. You do feel like your life is empty and rubbish without cigarettes but it passes. Like you, I have smoked all my adult life and it feels strange to go on without that big part of your life with you. I said exactly the same thing to my fiance about losing a friend and he said i have made two new friends, my lungs! OK, it's the corniest comeback ever but it's true. I had to run for the bus this morning and didn't feel out of breath one bit. Also I can go to sleep without hearing my heart pounding. I feel so much better for it and if you can just get over the first few days of hell it gets so much easier. I have also had the best few nights sleep in years.

I went out to the pub on day 2 and it was quite difficult particularly when you associate drinking with smoking. I think it is best to face these things early on and I sucked on straws to help me get over the cravings.

I hope it goes well for you, stick at it, it does get easier!




Thanks Emma for your support . Its been hard the last few days but not thinking so much about needing to smoke . I pysically feel dreadful. Pains in back, shoulders ache, headache, really bad nightmares. I know these are just withdrawal symptoms and will go away but I do feel like junkie;) On a positive note I feel elated to have not smoked for 4 days . I shall keep it up, its great to be in contact with others going though the same .:D


Hello. Emma's right - it does get easier. I'm sure you've found that by now. And you'r enot losing anything - it costs money, makes you stink, ruins your health and your looks. You'll feel so much better, you probably already are. Keep going - next Tuesday is my 100th day off the cigs! But I have had to take it one time at a day. Iused patches in th ebeginning and then carried nicotine gum around with me but now I just carry normal gum - gives me somethign else to concentrate on if I do get a craving, which isn't veyr often now :)


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