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Day 3 - Here I come

I was stuck at home yesterday minding our sick daughter so yesterday was a breeze really. She was laying on the sofa coughing and I was laying on the other sofa feeling sorry for myself ... lol. After dinner I got that 'empty' feeling in the pit of my stomach even though I was full, so I did the dishes and had a cup of tea. That’s when you realise what smoking actually did for you - gives that feeling of satisfaction and completeness. Shame it kills you, costs the earth, gives you gum disease and makes you stink in the process!!

Back to work today so its going to be harder but Day 3 has begun. Karen & Izzy ... hope you're still hanging in there with me!

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im still here bulldog,day 3 today and am doing ok.been to work thismorning and am now off till monday morning:) im still doing this ct so nic will be out of my system 11.30.tonight:) :) :) also found a new vice......them airways chewies the new ones with guarana...keep it going bulldog and karen if your still about x x x


1445 hrs & still clean - well on the way to day 4 now. It's good to get this extra support. Keep it up & have a good weekend. One day at a time.


i will keep it up this time,and you do the same x x x

have a good smokefree w/e yourself x x x:D


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