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No Smoking Day
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Keep Trying But

I woke this morning and said right make some porridge dont look for fags, its no smoking day !! So made cup of tea porridge ready and then what did i do, smoke half a fag. Got to work, doing well, usually have about 5 before lunch comes, had a piece of gum, disgusting i thought anyway decide to go home for lunch, whats in the car a pkt fags, well 1 wont hurt, so had a couple of draws and threw it away. Coming back to work did i take the fags out the car -- no -- i decided to have another couple of puffs aaarrrgghhhh so angry, anyway back to work the girls have been great no smoking leaflets and all stuck to my pc .. there is alot of support from all. But how can i stop saying to myself, just a couple of draws no more, why cant i just stop and thats it .... all help is desperately needed now !!!

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Snakes & Ladders


You shouldn't have a few puffs - If giving up smoking is like a game of snakes and ladders, everytime you do you move back to square 1. Cold Turkey isn't about having the odd puff. You have to say 'NO' every time.

Do yourself a favour ... It's the hardest thing in the world to give up smoking when you still have fags on you! Either smoke them all and then give up or give them away or destroy them. Don't just throw them away because in your darkest hour you'll go poking through the bin to find them. I'm ashamed to admit I've fished grotty old dog ends out of the bin before! Do yourself a favour and don't allow yourself to be exposed to the temptation. Physically destroy them or fill the pack with water and throw them in the bin. Similarly get rid of all your smoking materials including the ash trays and the dog ends. That little voice saying you might need the ashtray or lighter again is your nicotine addiction - don't listen to it.

If you can do these things you are taking a massive step and will immediately bolster your resolve. If you keep hold of those 'Just in case' smoking materials, you have probably already failed.

Are you a slave to nicoteen or are you better than that? Who's the boss?


When the time is right

Hi Helenm

When I quit 15 months ago, I KNEW my time had come and that I wouldn't smoke again. As a result, I grieved even more for the loss of fags, because I couldn't even take comfort from knowing I'd probably 'slip up' and end up back on them. How was I so sure? I reached the point where my discomfort and shame about my lack of control were totally incongruent with everything else in my life. It was time.

You don't sound like you're at that place yet. You might be tonight, or tomorrow or the day after, but you weren't quite today.

One thing's for sure: each time you try, you learn some more about the depth of your addiction, about yourself and what you want for the future and where fags *don't* fit into that picture. And you get closer to that place where you really are ready to change. The miracle is that when you get there, you'll tip over into determination and you'll do it.

Good luck, and congratulate yourself for being on here and for even thinking about it because it's one step towards having power over fags. And keep on thinking about quitting and trying because as long as you do, you'll eventually get there.:)



just wanted to say thanks for your support, i'm a failure, but not for long, will keep trying and trying. I know what you are all saying believe me i have been saying it long enough to myself. The willpower is failing miserably, :mad: feels like a long road, but just have to keep convincing myself its the right thing to do - which i know it is ... arrrgghhh, tried it last year as well, lasted a whole week, then took septic throat convinced myself it was because i gave up the fags so what did i do yip straight back on them. Bit harder for me as well, hubby smokes the rollies, he says he will go off them when i have gave up, i know he has no willpower at all, but if i can prove him wrong then thats something, he has now been relegated to kitchen, next it will be the back door....


Hi Helen

I just wanted to say, you're not a failure! I doubt there are many out there who go from smokers completely cold turkey and give up first time. I have given up more times than I care to remember but the point is that I keep trying. I think you should look at it from a more positive view point and say "yeah, i had a few draws and messed it up a bit, but I will do it" rather than think you're a failure. Have you tried patches? I am on them just now and the good(?) thing is that once you have it stuck firmly on, you can't really have a cigarette as it makes you feel pretty ill. It makes things a little easier as you don't have such major cravings.

I'm right there with you! Just look at it one day at a time...


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