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Day 10

Thought i'd venture onto this site as its national no smoking day.

Was a bit premature in my plight, quit a couple of sundays ago.... not officially, just didn't have a fag.... then decided on monday i wasn't going to have one then either.... then decided that i was going to not smoke anymore, then took it a day at a time (as they say!!).

Its been rather hard, my girlfriend has seen so many mood swings in me within the first week, but getting better now.

The lack of sleep is really getting to me, along with the heartburn, although don't know if the heartburn is a side effect of the quitting or the amount of tic-tacs i'm eating!! (two hours of freshness in just 2 colories you know!!!)

Anyway, heres to keeping up giving up!!!



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stick with it, Dave

Well done, mate.

I'm 15 months free.... :-) (see my post in 6 months plus)..

I just came here today, too, because it was National No Smoking Day and I felt like... reflecting on just what an outstanding achievement it has been for me, and to offer something back... some help, insight or encouragement.

Freeeeeeeee. Not a slave. No more 'pretend' trips to the shop, supermarket or garage to get things I don't really need (bread, milk, crisps... petrol even) when all I was really going for was fags... at 1.00am. :-)

Go for it!


Wow double figures for me!

Into Day 10 now.......getting stronger each day....still rely on patches but the alternative is a no-brainer. Let you know how day goes of luck all.......lets show people that we can stop....and actually enjoy the process of quitting....not being terrified by it!

Thought for the day. "How did we ever survive and remain happy all day before we started smoking":rolleyes:


Thanx Boudee

Thanx for that Boudee......glad your finding the posts useful......way I see it is this site is another tool to quit and if we all keep eachother going then we have a better chance to break this awful habit. We arn't asking too much after all.....just to stop smoking. Told the guys at work last night I'd recieved a £6 pay rise a day (the money I'm saving on

I know it's not plain sailing and I still get cravings (only last couple of minutes) but I believe in being upbeat about this and the end result will justify the pain no gain eh!

Keep going all and lets get rid of this awful habit.


forgot how many days now

Reckon am well into 2nd week, and starting to really feel I can crack this. Still on the patches and the inhalator for top up puffs, but who cares- its not cig smoke. Not coughing as much and feel loads fitter. Its been rough and still is. I smoked like a chimney, even when ill, so if I can do it anyone can. Reckon am at least £50 better off- just hope I don't weaken- this is a new me

Best thing about this is we can all encourage each other and be there- we're all human, and we know all the tricks- so lets just say it as it is.

Was going to suggest taking up running again, but just wanna breathe first- I'll get there though- anyone fancy a 10k in about August? When all this crap is out of our bodies?


Well done everyone- u have inspired me.


Well Done Ron

Well in Ron, knew you wouldnt stay down in nicotine depressed mode too long. After all what is the alternative to our lives being dictated to and ruled by the nicotine monster.......possibly actual happiness and wealth for a start! Then the little matter of our health.....which has got to be a massive bonus. After all we only get 1 chance at this life.....let's try to kick the habit and actually feel good about ourselves for once and hopefully last a bit longer, instead of being treated like second class citizens for being smokers!:rolleyes:


Day 10 (End of)

Hi every1. Day 10 went no problems......although still had cravings they passing quickly. Would of loved to have a fag but I know that if I start I cant stop and unfortunately that being the case I wont risk it.

I'm well impressed that theres a few of us getting some conversation will help us all, after all we all have the same kick the habit!

Best of luck to us all!!!!!!!!!!!


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