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Trying to quit but dont know how to

Yes im trying to quit i been smokeing sence i was 17 two years now I seen my aunt die from cancer so i dont want that to happen to me so i desided to quit.

I got up a little bit ago a found this site and spent the last 3 hours reading about quiting smoking.

I have Printed out a copy of my smokeing diary I thought i would have to start there i know it says to keep record for a few weeks so u can find out the triggers to my body that makes me smoke.

But i kinda think its a bad ideal well i dont but i just dont want to wait 2 weeks to find the triggers i want to stop as soon as posable but thats hard as well.

well i guess its a start If anyone has any ideals to what i shoud do tell me

i just trying to take the frist step and quit but my mind feels like its blocked from being in a good mindstate of Quiting

Thank you ill post and keep u people updated...:o

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well i went out and got 110 Piece's of gun i think that shoud hold me off for a few weeks Now all i have to do is stay away from the smoke and use the gum for two weeks wish me good luck i keep informed


Giving up.

You must be ready to give up, not persuded by others or things however terrible that have happened to others. Write a list of pros and cons to smoking. Have a look at what nicotine replacement therapy would suit you. Think about a quit date either a date which means something to you or a Monday as it is the beginning of the week. You need an action plan what are you going to do when you would normally be smoking, how are you going to cope with the cravings or temptations of being with other smokers.

Who are you going to ask for support? what are your goals, how will you reward yourself for this hard work?. Are you going to hide a couple of cigs away in case you are desperate or get rid of everthing that associates you as a smoker. You can always message me for suppoert or questions and I will try and help. Never give up giving up. it will happen ;)


Good luck!


That's great to decide to quit. I'm two months in - I used patches and now I am using gum when I get really bad cravings - which i still do even two months on. But I'm pleased and am saving money and am thinking of what i will buy when i go to New York! You can do it - Tina's right - get support. It's hard but very worth it - good luck!


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