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No Smoking Day
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Starting again

I'm about 7 hours into my latest quit attempt. I've got the patches and I cleaned out the house and the car at the weekend. My kids have been nagging for me to stop again and I want to as well, it's just so hard. A mate at work's stopping too so I've got to make sure I stay stopped longer than him! It'll be my first cig free Christmas since 1981. I'm gonna keep the money so I can see it adding up day by day - that'll keep me going. I used to spend nearly a tenner a day on fags!

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Im startign again too soon. hopefully be ok this time. how you getting on? I'm going to go to my nhs service. need something a bit more than will power!



Gratz on quitting. Ive set a date for a week on monday (the 20th march) As my hubby is going working away that day.. we are so bad for each other when it comes to stopping smoking. I stopped once before using patches, but i ran out of patches one day and smoked for that day.. next time i put a patch on my skin couldnt tolerate it and it all swelled up, ive had several attempts since with patches but it always causes the same skin reaction now.. funny it never did that that first month i stopped.. anyway.. im going cold turkey this time,, and im determined to do it.. sick of feeling like crap now.


Good luck!

Hey. Good luck for 20th. You sound determined to do it this time so I'm sure you'll be fine. I didn't like the patches either - I used the nasal spray that was really hard to get used to - it hurt to use it at first but I guess you just gotta think about the long term benefits. I feel great!!


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