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No Smoking Day
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6 months, 1 week and 6 days!

I finally feel like I'm there. Me and the wife quit together and it's been a bit of a struggle really. Going out with our friends for the first time was the worst bit as some of them smoke still - but they were really good about it and we managed ok. I think if the pub had been smokefree it'd been easier but we're here, 6 months on and I haven't even had a single drag on a cig! We've saved over two grand so far and are going on a holiday this summer better than any other we've ever had! All I can say is good luck, it was forums like this and support from my wife that kept me going when I was really dying for a smoke.

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Well done!

You're inspiring me to keep going - 6 months - that's so brilliant - well done to you and your wife!


Thanks again!

I'm still going strong three weeks on so thanks again for your post - great to hear such positive stories.


Glad to hear you're getting on ok. Going to the pub can be difficult but I think if you can get through Christmas and NY then you'll be ok!


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