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Relapse or something else?

I was diagnosed with nhl in 2011, low grade follicular with evidence of high grade found in bone marrow. Following 6 round of R chop chemo and 1 high dose methotrexate chemo lumber punctures and 2 years rituximab maintenance I have lived well until now. I am now experiencing regular night sweats and fairly rapid weight loss. My consultant is arranging a ct scan. A worrying development and any words of encouragement would be much appreciated.

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Good luck with the scan. I haven't experienced this but I know that the man who runs lymphomasurvival.com has had relapses and is now I believe well over 20 years in remission. His site has an annual subscription fee which covers all the research, staffing and site maintenance. I have no connection to the site but I do subscribe as I find it a good resource.


You have my heartfelt hope that your scan is negative. Living with cancer is a scary thing. It's return is always on your mind. I have been in remission from LBCL for one year. I Went through the R-Chop and radiation, and the side effects are definitely no picnic. Try to think positive, even though that is very difficult. I wish you only the best.

Great Luck To You PMURDO

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I think you have done the right thing by discussing with your consultant and having the scan. I know first hand how worrying it is; there are many new treatment options coming along so be confident that whatever the result there is a path that will bring you back to where you want to be.


Stay positive because there are so many new treatments available with relapses. These new treatments can be life changing. I hope your scan goes well.

I just did my 2 yr scan and although I am still in remission from NHL the scans showed I have a splenic artery aneurysm.


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