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Help - Advice G-CSF Injections Filgrastim

Hi All, Had 8 R-CVP Chemo in January competed in July, fortunately had very little side effects, main problem being very low neutropenia, had G CSF injections which worked quickly, only side effect is bad pain in spine (throbbing). PET scan in July found another problem and i have now 6 R CHOP Chemo planned ( had second last Friday) before I could have the chemo I was given 3 Pre Filled Syringe of Filgrasim, to take before my 2nd Chemo, I only took two as the pain in spine was so bad, fortunately the two worked as my Neuts were at 14. I have been prescribed 6 more injection to take on days 6 - 12 after the 2nd chemo, I suspect i won't be able to take all 6 re the pain.

Has anyone had any similar experience or got advise on subject



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Sorry have not had Filgrasim. However, I had Nuelasta shots after RChop and the very first shot left me in excruciating back pain for about 8 hours... Next time Doctor gave prednisone to take and that seemed to help. Sorry for your pain as You just don't know what to do to get comfortable...and I wasn't told of that as a side effect. I hope you get good results from the Filgrasim and healing is the most important thing for you right now.. May your treatments go well... and you get past this...


I had to take a course (12 injections) of g-csf as I was a stem cell donor.

I found that the first half hour after waking up I got creaky and stiff bones.

Once I was up and running the pain seemed to go.

On the last day of the course I took some non steroidal anti inflammatory meds.

It's a tricky one as everyone has different symptoms and pain thresholds.


Sorry to hear of your pain. I had NHL and treatment with R-CHOP. Did not have NEUTROPENIA whilst undergoing treatment but did have problems later where my neutrophils were virtually non existent . I had a couple of courses of G-CSF but only one injection a day with no painful side effects. The GCSF only seemed to have a temporary effect. Eventually the Neutropenia seemed to spontaneously resolve itself. Maybe I needed a more concentrated course of treatment as prescribed for you. Have you discussed the painful side effects with your doctor and what can be done to alleviate them?

Good luck


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