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Third Acupuncture Treatment

So today was the third in my series of acupuncture treatments for neck/shoulder and lower back pain. It was rather uncomfortable today, with burning and itching near the needles placed near my spine in mid back area. Other sites were uncomfortable off and on. My acupuncturist used several more needles this time than in the first two sessions. No improvement in pain yet...hoping it kicks in soon.

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Andilynn, I am sorry that you aren't seeing any resolve to your continuing pain issues. Have the underlying cause(s) of your pain been ascertained? If so, were there any recommendations for other treatments you might try?


Thank you for your reply Tinkerbellcgy. I have degenerative disc issues at C-5 and also some in the lumbar spine. A bone marrow biopsy left me with permanent lower back pain. I'm beginning to think that my neurologist's and sport medine doctor's recommendations of injections done by a pain management doctor (with guided X-rays) are needed. Those are temporary fixes at best, but I've tried everything else to no avail. I'm not debilitated fortunately, but I am not who I was a year ago...much more limited in abilities.

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I am sorry to hear this. I will send positive energy your way in hopes that you will find at least some relief in the coming days.


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