Was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma about 9 years ago. Left work for an hour a day for radiation treatment, then back to work (for 6 wks)Was told my lymphnodes were 'enlarged' 6 months ago, and to go back to onocologist in feb. I know this is the slowest growing lymphoma, but there hasn't been a day since being diagnosed that I have any energy. Does anyone else feel tired ALL the time?

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  • I am a newly diagnosed 56 year old woman with NHL and I am sooooo tired. I am pretty much lying down all day except for meal prep showers etc. I am stage 4 as it is in my bone marrow but they say the bulk or total load of disease in my body is not that great. StRting treatment day after tomorrow. If the follicular lymphoma Has infiltrated your bone marrow, And a bunch of us on here Fit that profile, it can literally get in the way of the business of making red blood cells. That will produce anemia and THAT will produce some impressive fatigue indeed. So glad you are seeing your doc in February ! We're here for you and wish you well!

  • The tiredness isn't necessarily from anemia. My red cells are normal and the tiredness persists. It's the whole business of it....disease, treatment, the body's response, or lack of, and psychological effects, etc. Not an easy fix.

  • I feel exhausted all the time too. I habe Follicular lymphoma as well Diagnosed Sept 2014. On trestment was steriods. Nodes have shrunk but incresed in quantity. Just Watching and Waiting and I hate that term

  • I can completely relate to this. I'm five years out from diagnosis of mantle cell lymphoma. My doctor has not been concerned about my fatigue, but commented to a student who was shadowing him that it's common afterextreme chemo especially if your blood counts haven't returned to normal, which mine haven't. Good luck.

  • Tamela, yes to the being tired all the time. I had chemo and it knocks the stuffing out of a person. I didn't have radiation, but some folks that I know found that very tiring. Energy levels very low. Everyone seems to experience the disease and the treatment very differently. Give yourself permission to rest. Do take care.

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