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Official Diagnosis

After learning Dec 22nd I had biopsy results showing Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, I finally received my true diagnosis after Bone Marrow Test and PET Scan. I have cutaneous T cell alk negative. My lesions, I only had 12 small lesions, maybe the size of a dime. 2 showed signs of active cancer the rest are healing themselves, my immune system is fighting them. I am now in a wait and see pattern, as initially I was told I would next CHOP for 6 sessions. The oncologist said I could not have had a better outcome. Knowing it is just cutaneous the odds of it spreading are very low. I was mentally prepared for Chemo, but have mixed feelings knowing I still have Cancer and it can rear its ugly head in a few months or it could be 30 years. 30 days of waiting for an answer seemed like an eternity and a huge sigh of relief learning it was just cutaneous. Stay strong folks

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Hi Afleisch44. Good to hear that your diagnosis was so much better than expected. Watch and wait is tough as you feel you should be doing something, but it means we can do all we can to build up our own immune system and keep the lymphoma quiet.

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Great news for you!


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