Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends

hi every need some info

hi everyone im new here i need some info i fear i have nhl all my symptoms say i do my lymph nodes go crazy all the time itchy as hell i want to tear my skin off i eat once a week i have no appetite my stomach always hurts when i sleep i wake drenched like in a bath please help i cant see a doctor till tomorrow as all are close in albury and have no cash for after hours doctor

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Hi matt405, There are many reasons why you could be experiencing those symptoms, not necessarily lymphoma, which can even be found when just one lymph node is swollen and no other symptoms at all. It's very important that you see your doctor though, as the symptoms you describe might indicate something that is easily treated and your stress would be relieved. Many forms of NHL are are treatable with early diagnosis and can go into remission for a long time. Please see your doctor with the aim of a) eliminating anything serious and b) relieving your worry by finding out what the problem is. Good luck and come back and let us know how you get on!


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