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I have been in a fight for over a year now with large diffused B cell lymphoma....and it has finally taken its toll on me....my body can no longer take chemo and the cancer has become resented to the chemo...I've been in a clinical trial and even that almost did me in....is there a treatment out there that doesn't have chemo in it and that will not cause my counts to drop so low that I become septic or end back up in the hospital in septic shock....my wife is taking me home on palliative care because we are out of options here

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  • Sorry to hear of your plight. I also reached a point where chemo wouldn't work. I've been on a Zydelig trial for 18 months without any bothersome side effects except loose stools.

  • Consider a CAR-T clinical trial. My wife who has follicular lymphoma has been in complete remission for 9 months - and counting.

  • Have you tried healthy life blogs?

  • Cannabis oil...whole plant Cannabis oil, B17, and immune support mushroom supplement you can get on Amazon. I'm about to also try Liposomal Vitamin C. Rebecca's Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Journey on Facebook. 20 + yr follicular 8+ year diffuse large B cell survivor. Did R CHOP chemo in 2014. 4 treatments.

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