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Hi all 3 months ago my Gfr was 17. I have just had an enormous shock as my latest blood tests have come back on patient view saying it has now gone down to 12. I am not currently on dialysis don't really want it. I am in the process of a pre emptive transplant donors have had blood matching done and just waiting for their results to see if any match me. I understand their are lots more tests once the matching is done. My question is has any one else Gfr fallen sharply over a short period of time and is dialysis enevitable now. This has been worrying me as my hospital appointment isn't until next week.

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  • Aww bless u please try not to worry too much. Mine isn't the best but holding around the same level.I think around 17/20 I dread going to clinic now just in case. What's ur creatinine like is that increasing too ? Hoping all goes well with u. Try to take everything in ur stride I know it's hard . How long have had kidney?

    All the best Hayley x

  • My creatinine also went up 91 to 345 which is another reason I am concerned I have polycystic kidney disease which I have known about for years but has only really become serious the last 3. I dint realise your Gfr could go down so quickly in such a short time.

  • Hi elly

    My grf fell from 21% to 11% in 6 months. Try not to worry I'm still not on dialysis and being controlled by medication including high dose of diuretics. My parents have been tested and unfortunately dad was a match but has been found to have kidney problems so my mum has gone ahead with tests to be a paired donor as she is not a match for me.

    I see my consultant tomorrow and hoping I will stay dialysis free for Christmas.

    If your consultant is the same as mine he will try and get you straight to transplant without dialysis but it's all about timing and how you are coping.

    If your family members aren't a match maybe they will consider being a paired donor.

    Take care and stay strong


  • Thank you for replying that has eased my worry I am under the Wessex Renal Centre Portsmouth. My donors should hear next Monday if any are a match and we have all been informed regarding paired donor. I wish you well for your transplant and hope it is not going to be too long a wait and keep my fingers crossed for you to be dialysis free for Christmas.

  • Hi elly

    I saw my consultant today and although my kidney function had changed to10% I am still not on dialysis. I am very pleased to not be starting that journey prior to Christmas. My consultant is hopefully that my mum will be able to do the paired exchange. She has had all the checks on her heart, gfr tracer, ultrasound and CT scan as well. It's been along process

    Take care and hope all goes well with you

    Charlene x

  • That's really good news hopefully won't be to long now. Have a lovely Christmas.

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