My Dialysis Adventure

It all began in March 16th 2016, I had a cough and visited my GP. The sore feeling never seemed to leave my higher abdominal region. It led to further urine tests. There was unknown toxins in my bleeding kidney. So, I went to Majorca to get my mind off of things. I got a call off my biological transplant assistant junior doctor. Apparently I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I was ordered to make my way back to the UK immediately. But, I refused because I had my heart set on horse riding in Majorca, it was my wildest dream. Moreover, I was happily trotting until a mouse vividly approached the horse. The horse shuffled backwards in bewilderment, his 2 front legs dashed wildly in to the misty air. He jolted in a wheelie motion, I suddenly flipped in a 360 degree angle. I was bleeding everywhere, my husband was out buying coffee and no one was there to save me!!!! I choked wildly on my own blood cells. Then I died.

That is the story of my wife


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