Can anyone please let me know that the older you are you are less likely to receive a kidney transplant as I have read that after a certain age you go on a points system and are judged on age ,health e.t.c, I am 62 and the thought that I might not get a transplant because of my age really depresses me as like anyone else I just want to lead a normal life

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  • Catwoman have no fears! I had my transplant older than you are, so as long as you are healthy and not suffering from other major problems there is no reason to give up hope. Chin up girl and be positive!

  • how long were you on the transplant list

  • I was on the Transplant list for 2 3/4 years and not having had children I didn't have the antibody problem.

  • Not a problem!! I had mine in October 2012, shortly after my 62nd birthday. We are so lucky to be able to have this treatment now because 30 years ago we would have been considered too old. My kidney function is now normal with my latest Creatinine figure at 108.

  • As long as you are healthy enough to survive the op with a good chance of success you are not too old. There is a sort of points system which isainly blood type and how long you have been on the list but your clinic will advise how this works.

  • Catwoman,

    I had a transplant five weeks ago today. I am 62 now, 63 in October, so don't give up hope and stay positive.

    I hope that you get that telephone call soon!

  • age might be a factor,,but general health is more important .bmi score,,any other conditions heart or diabetic. but keep fighting your corner..never give up. good luck.

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