3 months post transplant, what is normal?

My husband had a transplant 3 months ago, his mother was the donor, aged 72. He initially had severe rejection which was treated, and has had 2 episodes of borderline rejection and courses of steroids since. Aside from a few brief windows of feeling quite good, he hasn't really felt any better than pre-transplant. We have 3 young children and were both so optimistic that the transplant would give him a better quality of life back. Would really appreciate any thoughts, are we being too impatient? Doe anyone have experience of a rocky road to begin with then things improving? Thankyou!

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  • Please don't worry, his body has just had quite a shock. Recovering from major surgery takes time, without the added rejection and steroids. I had a rough time after my transplant too, mainly with infections (somehow I managed to get Swine Flu within a month! I wouldn't recommend it as a game plan!) and heart/lung problems from eighteen years of dialysis. I started to feel better about the twelve month mark, that he's already getting good days is encouraging. Just keep hanging in there and things will improve. Wishing you both all the best.

  • I was pretty ill after my transplant for about 3 months mainly due to anaemia. Lucky not to have any rejection issues. Also picked up a couple of nasty coughs. I think the first few months can be tough as your body adjusts to the drug regime.

  • Forgot to add...my kidney function is now within normal range, and you've just got to hang on in there!!

  • Hi Alison, I'm 52 (years young :-)!) Had my ABOi transplant in April 2013 having been on PD for 5 years. Dad was my donor (76). Initially we thought I was rejecting the kidney but my renal team were superb and after Biopsies and various meds all settled down after a while. Time is a great healer. Providing your husband is taking his meds AND DRINKING AT LEAST 3 LITRES OF WATER PER DAY

  • hopefully his kidney will settle down. His body has been through trauma and is getting used to it's 'new part'. Stay positive!!!!

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, we both really appreciate your words of support. I think stay positive and keep the faith is the overall message!

  • Hi, I had my Transplant fourteen years ago from my husband. The first year is very up and down, until they get the medication right. Hold on in their things will get better and he will have lots of energy and be able to do a lot more than before the transplant. Good luck.

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