Stressing over test results

So i had recent blood work done as i thought I might have low iron. Turns out all the blood work came back fine other than a eGFR of 55. I was currently on Trimethoprim which I have read can affect this result.

I had repeat tests done last week, bloods, urine analysis and blood pressure check. Went to the Doctor today who says all came back normal for Kidney function.

At first i was completely reassured until my silly anxious brain kicked in. because 55 seems to low...I dont know what my result is now - just that it was considered over 60. I guess Im worried its not much over 60 and it could still go down? all my urine and blood pressure etc has come back normal too.

Im just not sure how to just trust the doctor and move on from this worry after reading so much about CKD in the past week. Has anyone been through anything similar with being on trimethoprim?

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  • Can't respond with information on the drug, but you can never have too much information on CKD. I personally believe that the more you know the better you are to fight off the fear and anxiety that eventually overcomes us when we get the long face from the doctor. For information, try the American Association of Kidney Patients at They have lots of good information in their store. Free downloads of videos for each Stage and lots of answers to questions you may have. Also look at The National Kidney Foundation at

  • I definitely agree with Mr. Kidney about information regarding The more info. one has, the better one is able to deal with things.

    Best wishes, Curleytop1.

  • Yes, Shoshan, during a pre-op assessment recently, it was panic stations all around when they announced that my kidney function had plummeted 10 points from 38 to 28 in a couple of weeks. They arranged emergency appointment with my renal consultant who was immediately able to reassure me that the Trimethoprim I had been taking is known to reduce kidney function BUT only whilst taking it. It does not damage kidney function as such. He said that in absolutely all cases, the kidney function will return to its previous level within a week or so of discontinuing the drug. His advice was to avoid anyone testing my kidney function any time I am taking Trimethoprim. My eGFR is now back at 38.

  • Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Turns out it was the trimethoprim after all. Kidney function came back completely normal as did my protein to creatinine ratio. Took me a good week to accept and get over the worry I had put myself through.

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