GFR from 39.46 to 44.2 in 6 months!!!!!

I am jubilant today as have read the blood analysis report and look at the turnaround.

Some may recall my depressed report way back un june or July when I was told by my Nephrologist that in the 14 months since my previous tests it had declined from 41.8 to 39.46 GFR. I took fright so I went on the net and found diets and then looked up the Nutritional values my stage allowed (these I found on National Kidney Foundation which is an American site this gave me a protein level of 68grams but read elsewhere of I think it was a friend I have on here who suggested trying to keep as close to 40gr as I could was best. ......... here I am going in the right direction and eating lots of kidney friendly goods

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  • Hi Joke, that is brilliant news, you must be very pleased, a great Christmas present! I'm also newly diagnosed and trying to do the same with diet, just for Internet sake, what does your diet of protein daily consist of? I live in the U.K. Many thanks.

  • Great news!! Prayers for you. God can do anything!!

  • Excellent news. That is quite a performance improvement. Well done.

  • Hi Joke. Just read your post. Really pleased for you. Congratulations. Keep it up. Didn't know you could make the numbers get better. What protein foods do you mainly have please?

  • best site I found was which is the NKF in America they have a tool on there which gives you the calories and nutrients you can consume each day for your weight height and your current stage of CKD ( in my case stage 3b). they also give you some diets which are really good. but I found three good diet books on kindle more in line with a UK diets as written by UK dietitians.

    As I already record my food and exercise in My Fitness Pal, I input the values from NKF into the monitor section so I could take control of my Proteins Potassium and Sodium etc Intakes. I go for the lower level of protein as a control and this was 40 grams and imputing this separately readjusts all the other categories.

    don´t know if this helps you hope so because from what I cans see it´s not a done deal till stage 4 and dialysis perhaps not even then.

    Oh and google good foods for the kidneys and eat plenty.

  • That's terrific news. But I'm going to caution you on getting too excited or too depressed when your numbers fluctuate. When I was diagnosed in 2010, my GFR was 24. I lost a ton of weight and was put on a VERY strict CKD meal plan (better to call it that than diet). My numbers went up gradually into the mid- to low 40's. In fact, in Sept 2015, it was 44. Little changed in my life but my number dropped to 33 in Dec 2015. I have lab work every three months. Only once, in the middle of the year in 2016, did it bounce to 41. A few weeks ago, it was 29. There is no cure for CKD. Overall, kidney function does not improve. Stabilization should be the goal. If your range is presently between 35-40, focus on trying to maintain the RANGE. Focusing on slight variations from one quarterly test to the next will drive you crazy and harm your overall mental and physical health.

    You're doing something right. Keep it up.

  • Crinkster's recommendation to not obsess over slight variations reminded me of advise about investing in the stock market: it's about the long game. :) I second aiming for stabilization, especially in terms of health and wellbeing. If you feel up to it, might be worth exploring some gentle exercise/ movement - walking, gardening, maybe gentle yoga or whatever appeals (as always, double-check with your consultant).

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