Blood in urine

our 10 year old grandson had blood his urine last December. After spending 2 weeks in hospital he was discharged on Christmas eve fortnightly f-ups to be discharged after going 3 times.  Around 3 weeks ago it happened again, but settled down so had to go back the week after. She's had a telephone call from the doctor today to say he has to go back in a fortnight as his bloods are better but his kidney function is abnormal still.  Any suggestions

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  • In addition to keeping the appointment for your grandson, your grandson's parents should ask to see a copy of the most recent lab results, and ask for treatment recommendations. It's good that the parents are following up. 

  • Should know more in a fortnight and been told he will probably need a biopsy.

  • Thank you may need a biopsy. Will find out more in a fortnight hopefully

  • Hope everything turns out find Gillian.

  • Hi found out he has iga nephropathy

  • Don't know much about this but hope they can treat the problem Gillian. All best wishes to you all x

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