Hi friends.... Back from 3 lovely weeks in Tenerife.We met up with 2 separate lots of friends during the first 2 weeks and the 3rd week just chilled out. Fortunately the dreaded gout settled and hubby went back on allopurinol at 300mg and it seems to be doing the trick.... no further flare-ups of gout. Our hotel was excellent and everyone so friendly. Saw the nephrologist last night and he said.... you are getting better, kidney function from last blood test the day before our holiday was 36 so an improvement from 27 in early September....Have a further appointment mid-November with a blood test the previous week. I said I didn't think it was a good idea for a blood test so soon after our holiday because he has sinned. The neph. laughed and said.... if you cant sin on holiday then when can you... Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will be back on track. Hubby is the birthday boy to-morrow so there will be a lot going on.... maybe more sinning, ha ha. Thank-you all for keeping in touch, do hope you are all well and not sinning too much, too frequently. Love Belle xx

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  • so pleased you had a lovely time & that everything seems to be settling down probably did you both good x

  • Thanks phillen.....Holidays make a welcome change and thank goodness all the health problems were O.K. Better news on our return helped also. Hope you are keeping well, will be in touch. Love Belle xx

  • Hi Belle

    Welcome home, so glad everything went well. I am off on holiday soon too, a much needed break after helping my sister through a diagnosis of cancer and major surgery.

    So glad the gout has settled lets hope that is the last of it for a long time.

    Here if you need me

    love Christine xx

  • Hi Christine, You so deserve a holiday I am sure and hope you will be able to rest and let the world go by. I looked after our beautiful young daughter-in-law 4 years ago from Sunday evening until Friday evening for almost a year then our son would collect her, take her home for the week-end with him and their 2 teenage daughters.....Sadly in spite of all treatment she passed away..... 6 months later I too was diagnosed with cancer, had major surgery and made a good recovery. Really truly hope your sister will be fortunate also and you will all have a good quality of life.. Its dads birthday to-day so our little family have been here, neighbours also and a couple of friends. The doorbell rang and our God-daughter was standing there with a gorgeous bunch of red roses. We have enjoyed our busy day but need a rest now......Thank-you Christine, will keep in touch....enjoy your precious holiday. Love Belle xx

  • Hi belle glad you had a lovely holiday gladhubies kidney function has gone up we all sin at times I am 75years u young my kf is 42 with one kidney think positive and take care rest when your body tells you to xxbless al of you l4 &u4laith

  • Hi L4. Its a lovely day so hubby doing some weeding while our gardener/handyman is cutting our huge hedge. Hubby is obviously feeling up to it will no doubt have a rest later in the afternoon...... Its just a question of taking advantage of the weather. Its great to hear from you sounding so positive and young at heart. Its true we are as young as we feel, sometimes 90 othertimes a spring chicken. ....Keep up the good work and thank-you very much. Chat soon. Love Belle xx

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