My GFR was 57 a month ago, varies between 50 and 60 for the last ten years and doctors are not concerned. Just say avoid anti-inflammatories. Fine. Now I have really bad chest pain which doc says is osophagitis and has given me a huge bottle of Gaviscon Advance. Clearly says not to be taken by people with kidney problems Because it contains potassium. So haven't taken any - don't know bad kidney probs have to be before you shouldn't take it.

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  • Dear.

    I have no idea about it. It is better to consult with another doctor. Thanks

  • Maybe go back to the GP & ask unfortunately many of the drugs are not good for kidneys bp pills included! but maybe your gp thinks it will be ok temporarily if you don't have a problem with your pottassium levels! my hubby has omeperazol for a similar thing!

  • I hadn't realised there was a problem with gaviscon and CKD. I also seem to live on the stuff, that and Andrews liver salts, now I'm wondering if there is also a problem with that! When I last saw my GP he did say to me, and I quote ' there is no need to do anything diet wise, nothing you shouldn't take, over the counter medicines are ok'.

    Now, as the only risk factor with me was frequent taking of NSAIDs and I'm quite sure that is what caused my CKD , I'm really quite nonplussed about what he said. I have knocked NSAIDs on the head but I get frequent EXTREMELY painful trapped wind in my stomach and I regularly bombard it with gaviscon, Andrews and coIpermin. I don't think any of it makes a difference but it makes me think I've at least done something instead of just moaning like a cow in labour for 24 hours, that is how long it takes to leave me! my egfr has varied between 49 and more recently 50 and 52.

  • I would have thought that taking Gaviscon would be okay as long as your potassium levels were normal but in any event, I suppose you should always check with your GP that it is okay to take any medicine with CKD. As Jjlinden says above, be particularly careful with NSAIDS and the like as we know for certain that they do affect kidney health.

    By the way, did anyone see the 'appeal' on tv yesterday afternoon by the Kidney Research UK charity. It was really interesting and they were talking about some ground-breaking stuff on kidney health and in particular for those that are on dialysis - anyway it made me set up a monthly DD donation as it just brought it home to me that at some point in the hopefully far off future I may need their help !! :-(

  • Hi Stargazey

    You need to find out if you have a problem with your blood potassium levels, I am at 32 egfr but have never had a problem so can still eat all high potassium things. If you have a kidney consultant ring his secretary and ask if it is ok to take it.

    Best wishes Christine

  • Hello, thanks for your replies replies. I phoned the kidney disease helpline and they said at my stage it was absolutely fine. They said the main thing to avoid was ibuprofen etc.

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