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Hi everyone, I've just found this forum as last week had an unexpected doctors visit at home and was admitted to hospital with high potassium levels, i had gone to the Docs as woke up one morning really dizzy which I hadn't linked to my kidneys I have ckd stage 3 for 13 years (that I know of as never knew when I was stage 1 or 2) but have always been told that this couldn't be helped by diet.... which I now believe to be incorrect. I'm trying to search for low potassium diet plans but its a minefield with low potassium foods turning into high ones depending on how much is consumed, one website even suggested only eating half a pear, I can understand not eating a 200g bar or diary milk but half a pear!!! Anyway I think its time I educated myself instead of relying on the Dr's and meeting people in the same boat as me. Would love to hear your stories of how you have handled having ckd and especially if its possible to stop from going from stage 3 to 4. Thanks guys x

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  • Hi my husband had CKD for many years unfortunately then went very quickly from 4 to 5 & on dialysis (over 4 years ago) he's never had a problem with potassium only phosphate & has phosphate binders! but has a friend who does avoid bananas, tomatoes, jacket potatoes,& instant coffee they are all very high! apparently the pottassium is higher just under the skin of fruit & veg! soak your veggies before cooking it helps a little & avoid things like soups & stews its surprising how much it all helps & try not to get yourself too stressed up about it all! they can give you pottassium binders also but best without if you can manage to control through diet don't cut out things containing phosphate if you don't have a problem as these are all essential for keeping the rest of your organs healthy! apart from that keep yourself hydrated, healthy weight & good control of bp & hopefully you will stay at stage 3 for many years to come good luck with it all hope you find this helpfull

  • Hi,

    I have been at stage 3 CKD for many years, it hovers around 38%. I also have hypertension. 2 years ago I was told to go to A&E as my potassium was high, [ cut a story,] I was taken off my b/pressure tablet Lisinopril and my potassium came down., however after a while my potassium got too low so I was then taken off my other b/pressure tablet [ water pill ] which was depleting the potassium, so in my case it was the medication,

  • My Dad is CKD4 and has just been told he has high potassium. His low-clearance nurse has referred him to a renal dietician at the hospital and she has now given him a selection of leaflets to read and he will meet up with her at his next appointment to go through this and ask questions etc. Meanwhile at least he has an idea of what he can eat and what is off the menu, things like crisps, jacket potatos, raw vegetables, nuts and dried fruit. Try and get a referral to a renal dietician if you possibly can.

  • I have got a book called eating well with kidney failure. Published by class. Bought thro amazon. It is a good starting point. It has helped me understand it more. Good luck.

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