At a loss-

So monday EGFR was 22 wednesday 29- I go back tomorrow- How does this happen- I was fine last Aug -- Dr took blood work and never never mentioned anything? So what does this mean? I am 38 BP is good I am not Diabetic, a little over weight. Does anyone know Can EGFR be effected by something I ate of drink before the test or can it be effected by something I ate? Can it go back to a normal reading or is this permanant?

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  • it can be different on a day to day basis,they need to find out why your kidney function is low if they can they might be able to reverse it, eat a healthy diet & try to keep to a good weight alcohol in moderation like a healthy person is advised in other words it won't go back to 100% but it can improve a lot & not easy but try not to worry! ggod luck

  • Sorry to hear that. I am in my late 40's. I have been lucky and have never had any health issues. I went for a routine blood test in the middle of April this year which showed my GFR was 18%! I had a further blood test which confirmed the first reading. Like you my BP is normal and I am not diabetic. At the start of this week I saw a renal consultant and am booked in to have an ultrasound scan and further blood tests next week. Currently the renal doctor has no idea why my kidneys are failing. I would suggest getting your GP to refer you to your local renal unit as soon as possible where you can see someone who is an expert in kidney problems. Best of luck and keep up updated.

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