Hi, I know how you feel. I went to see a consultant for another problem and was told that I have developed CKD3a and that my kidneys were functioning at 56%. I was shocked to say the least as had no symptoms, no family history, normal blood pressure and no diabetes in the family either. Turned out mine has probably been caused by excessive NSAIDS taken over a long period of time. The consultant was very nice, told me not to stress about it as it was considered 'mild' in their eyes and just to eat healthily. No special diet mentioned. Saw the GP afterwards and he was actually almost dismissive of it saying "oh that's mild, nothing to worry about"...but it is to me !! Anyway I have taken things into my own hands by eating 'more' healthily, taking more exercise, cut out the alcohol and am 'juicing' vegetables and fruit to get as many nutrients into my body as possible. I see my consultant at the end of February for a 3 month check to see what my creatinine level is so I am hoping it has stayed put - or even improved if that is possible.

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  • You need to be on a kidney diet if you want your gfr to remain at 50.please see a kidney is important that you have a low potassium and phosphorous diet

    Doctors are not interested until your gfr is in the twenties as mine was.the diet has brought it up to the thirties.bananas potatoes tomatoes all dairy and some stone fruit all very high in potassium.. good Luck...value x

  • Hi trf1960,

    Exactly the same thing happened to me. A few months ago (while seeing a doctor about something else), I was told rather casually that I had CKD Stage 3. The doctor didn't seem to think it was important and didn't give any advice.

    I was so shocked that I didn't think to ask more about it, at the time. But I wondered where CKD Stages 1 and 2 had gone to? Had the docs known earlier but never told me? If I'd known, I'd have been more careful about taking NSAIDs, and the hay fever medications I buy from the chemist that say they should be used with caution by people with kidney problems.

    My eGFR is apparently 55. Is that the same as kidneys functioning at 55%? My blood urea level was 8.2.

    Like you, trf1960, I have no kidney symptoms (that I know of), no family history, no diabetes in the family. And my blood pressure is low, rather than high.

    I'm wondering how to try and stabilise my kidney function. Getting more healthy generally can only be a good idea, but I'd like to know if there is any specific diet suggestions, or anything else we can do, to protect our kidneys for the future?


    P.S. I realise some people on this site talk about a "kidney diet", but I'm not sure if that would be useful for everyone, or whether it depends on what is causing the kidney disease, and what stages people are at.

  • Hi Paula, I had a nuclear scanning type xray which shows the kidney function and mine came back at 56%. I don't think the eGFR number means the same but then I could be wrong. When I see the nephrologist I will ask him a heck of a lot more questions than before and diet is very much going to be top of the list. I know diet is more important if your potassium and/or protein levels are high or low and I would hope the nephrologist would clarify that one way or another. All in all though I think we all just need to look after ourselves a lot better but not stress too much about it either.

  • Thanks trf1960. I'm going to make a list of questions for my doctor, and meanwhile will try not to get stressed about it.

    Wishing you all the best for February and your creatinine check.

  • Hi Paula

    My blood pressure is always high, change medications, I must be pretty naive. !

    Bloodtestes done.protein and blood always show up in my urine tests.

    Well,Doc just told me eGFR is 33%.

    What happened to stage 1 and 2!!

    No advice, keep check on blood pressure, 6 months time repeat


    Did you panic,any advice given, asked about diet,as I'm not overweight, don't smoke drink.

    Doctor said I was ok.

    Not good enough.

    I am 61 years old

    But kidneys reflect much older.

    I am very anxious, but also know that some people are much younger than me and have lower %.

    Still scared though.

    If you get any advice I would be grateful if you could tell me.

  • The kidney diet is created by the fact of things that the kidneys find them harder to process then other minerals etc . So yes as a general rule controlling your BP is important so reduced potassium diet is advised to all , along with at stage 4 and 5 Dieticians recommend reduced phosphate and reduced protein foods . With regards to alcohol , things like beer are harder on the kidneys , wine have a milder effect and spirits even less of an effect in moderation . So in summary fresh foods are better than processed foods , sensible eating and drinking is ok. Drink plenty water . A glass of cranberry juice each morning is good for you .

  • Just as a matter of interest, do any of you with CKD stage 3a (or b) feel the need to mention it when obtaining travel insurance. I am still trying to ascertain whether it is affecting the cost of the premium, I believe that not declaring it will provide the insurers wriggle room in the event that you make a claim. Does anyone have any experience they can share on this?

  • Hi Calley, I have Stage 3a CKD diagnosed 2/3 years ago. Age 67. I have travel insurance with my bank. I phoned my insurance company and they said my premium won't change at this stage but to inform them immediately if there is any further change in the future. Hope this is helpful.

  • that's a good point Calley. I am due to fly to the States in May and to be honest, was really wondering if I need to declare having CKD3a or not. I mean it's not like I have any symptoms to concern me (at present anyway) so why should having a kidney disease that shows no signs etc. affect my premium. I may be inclined to keep quiet. :-)

  • Thanks Sukki. We already have to pay a small fortune for my husband's travel insurance as he has a bad heart, I don't need mine to go up in price as well. Our son and his family live in the USA, that is why I was a bit concerned.

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