Hi. I am very concerned as have just been diagnosed with CKD stage 3. I also was told that my liver was not at full strength either. help

I also have a strange heart condition and had a heart attack last year which was not arterial. Have fibromyalgia , arthritis and depression as well. Have been trying to cut back on protein but am veggie and not easy. I really don't know what to do to help myself. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Hi I no theres not much help for us out there..I have ckd3 also and fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and polonosis of the colon..The way I deal with ckd is to have a small amount of meat fish ..Ive cut out salt and sodium I don't eat many potatoes no chocolate no crisps no fizzy drinks ... my last blood test was 2 months ago and my ckd was 53gfr...they also noticed that my body wasn't absorbing vitamins so had a b12 jab every week for 5 weeks and take vitamin d and folic acid...If its not one thing its another I hope you get some answers good luck to you....

  • Hi lillyrae

    Thank you for your reply and good wishes. I hope things get easier for you too.

  • This advice is roughly what I followed when originally diagnoised 15 years ago and only started dialysis last January . Peanuts are high protein foods too that I avoided , See if you can talk to the dietician in your local renal unit to advise you on which pulses etc are better to use in your foods as you're a veggie , they have access to all food knowledge shared on central databases

  • Thank you for your advice. I have only been seen by my G.P. so far but will ask to see a dietitian next time I see him. It feels good to know I'm not alone. So many things I need to know. Was just a shock. I hope that things work out for you.

  • In the West, there is only one cure i.e. STEM CELL THERAPY.

    In India there are many Stem cell therapy, Urine therapy, Aururvedic,Homeopathic, Yoga (Pranayama).You require will power and attempt to heal.

  • Thank you. I do try to be strong and, until recently, have been a very strong person. I used to go to yoga classes weekly but I also have 2 slipped discs which give me added pain and make even walking difficult. They are herniated and torn and they don't want to operate due to risks involved. Sciatica is also a problem all down my left side. Think my body is just a ticking time bomb lol.

  • Hi Deepak. Thank you for your replies. I assume that the doc you are recommending is private. I live on disability and cannot afford private treatment. My name is Tina Walsh.

  • Have you try Reiki. Ive been going for a reiki charity in Milton Keynes for 1 year and ive been having lots of improvement s in my kidney s and pains and ive been doing acupuncture with nhs and its very helping me. Its more slowly process but without side effects

  • Hi. I do have a friend that does reiki. I will talk to her. Thank you.

  • Try,at least he will outline the treatment for you to think about.

  • hi. i did try to email the person you recommended but the email bounced back

  • Hi Deepak

    I tried again but the email address was the same and it bounced back. I copied and pasted the address to make sure I got it right. Do you think it would be better to call him and, if you do, what time would you suggest and is that the code from the UK. Thanks for trying for me. Tina

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