Is back pain normal????

Hi I need some advice, I have CKD at stage 4, it has come on quite rapidly as I am also diabetic type 1. I have severe back pain on a regular basis particularly when I am in bed, do housework, or stand for too long, is this normal with CKD or am I just getting old and whiney :)

Any advice would be great as the consultant I see is somewhat useless!

Thanks xx

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  • Hi Lou. Does it feel like muscular pain? If I get kidney pain its usually with other symptoms as well such as a slight temperature and feel nauseas. Have you overstretched yourself recently and perhaps tweaked your back without realising. If it doesn't go in a couple of days I wold see GP and get it checked out.


  • Hi Louise,

    Chronic kidney disease can cause back pain, but also infection can too. It is good to get your urine checked they can dip stick it at your GP surgery to check for infection. I have Poly Cystic Kidney Disease and get severe pain in the right side and back due to the sheer size of the kidneys. It is worse when i am standing and working. I have lignocaine patches that i use if the pain is bothering me they work for me. I started offf using them daily applied to the area where the pain was and now I just use them as an when. Hope you find this info useful x

    Best Regards Christine

  • Hi Vivola and Christine,

    I have this back pain usually on the left side it doesn't feel like muscle pain and I have had it for sometime, it also leaves me feeling breathless, I have had paracetamol but they don't do anything. we have just been shopping and I have to sit down while putting it away because of the pain. I usually have it on the left side but today the left side is fine it has moved to the right side, like a dull ache, I cant explain it really its not like a headache pain feels like I have been kicked!!!

    I am at the kidney clinic on Wednesday so will mention it but I doubt the consultant will say it is connected, as he never does :(

    Thanks ladies for our advice much appreciated xxxxx

  • As well as checking your urine, make sure they do bloods too. This will show if there is a blockage. I had this and it felt very similar to the pain you are having. Urine tests results came back normal because the infected urine wasn't able to pass out of my bladder because it was blocked and didn't get detected until I went into the hospital because I got fed up with the pain.

  • Your kidneys can some back pain, although it's usually in your lower back where they are located. I don't get this very often but occasionally it feels sort of 'burny', which can be very painful. Keep smiling :) and remember you always have the right to be seen by a different consultant if you wish - good luck! xx

  • Thanks googie and justagirl for you replies. I am still in pain today so will check on Wednesday that I have my bloods tested as well as the urine. Thanks again to you all I will keep you posted xx

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