The cards of life

Hello my name is Tameka. I've been living with lupus for roughly 15 years and that's what pretty much killed off my kidneys. I've been doing dialysis since 2009, I've done PD and in-center hemo. I believe the roughest part of this was explaining it to my daughters that at the time was 8 and 10. Now it's trying to get my 4 year old granddaughter too try and understand just a little bit of it is still so overwhelming for me that I know she would never fully understand about her grandma. I've had heart trouble, I've had amputations and no I don't have diabetes. I have vascular disease, neurological issues, Raynaud's, arthritis in my hands and crazy enough I deal with both high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Miners has called me a walking miracle and I just saying that it's the grace of God, staying positive, staying stress-free, drama free, standing strong and pushing forward, that I have held on this long. And just so that everyone knows, giving up is never an option!!

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  • Hello Tameka, Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of support and good friendship here. I too have an auto immune disease which has resulted in ruining my kidneys. I am not yet on dialysis although the doctors are telling me it is only a few months away. I am pleased you are able to stay so positive and many thanks for your advice on stress and drama free living. I am sure your granddaughter will understand shortly. Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. I talk from experience as I used to be one myself. In fact even aged 51, I probably am still. 😊

  • Thanks, I appreciate the welcome. It's always nice to have someone to talk to, cause not everyone feel as though the do. hopefully this is a great support system for myself and myself for others.

  • Hello Tameka,

    Thank you for sharing your story, keep strong and positive, concentrate on things you can do and not on things you can't do.



  • Thank u, this is the card life dealt me 15 years so I try really hard to playy by the rules. I appreciate ur encouragement, we all need that sometime 😊😊

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