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Kidney transplant December 2017

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So after 8 long years of doing in Center hemo I finally got a kidney transplant on December 2nd of this year. I am so excited. Now I am having to do the complete opposite of what I was doing and used to as it pertains to my phosphorus. At the present time my phosphorus is 1.7 and they want it to be 2.5 to 4.7 and so they are forcing me to eat cheese,milk ,yogurt, Dairy things, but I'm struggling to get my numbers up. So they have given me a pill to try and help.

So I just want to encourage everyone who is waiting on their gift, stand on faith, stay positive, constant prayers... And always remember giving up is never an option. Don't give up and don't give in. Be blessed and take care.

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Congratulations, what wonderful news


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TamekaS in reply to Philipjm

Thank u sir

What a lovely early Christmas present. Hopefully with all the lovely food at Christmas your numbers will improve.

Take care and I hope your figures sort them selves out remember it's early days


Thank u... Yes ma'am

Congratulations. I'm hoping that 2018 will be my year.

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TamekaS in reply to poppydolly

Thank u.... Prayers and standing on faith

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Thank u

Congrats on the transplant! How about beans? High phosphorous, lots of vitamins and minerals and fiber too :)

Thank you. I don't like beans Imma have to look up a lot of bean recipes. I like ham hocks and beans lol

Happy happy joy joy!!!! I'm so thrilled you're doing well and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Love you!

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Thank you love enjoy your holidays love you

Update As of 2018... Just got a call from my Minnesota doctor and he wanted to explain my results from Dec 2017 to April 10, 2018....antibodies are at a great level, no signs of infection, antibodies are not, I'm doing great, and he happy for me. But will also continue to check them annually. 💖💖💖💖 THANK YOU JESUS, YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!


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Garianne in reply to TamekaS

So, so happy for you! Keep praying and eating the right stuff! Our God is an awesome God!

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TamekaS in reply to Garianne

Oh yes HE is... Thank u, I will.

I also haď a transplant in December (22nd). I had a lit of problems and as in hospital for 3 months. I am feeling so tired and unwell and I wondered how you are feeling 4 months on.

Well I had my transplant on the 2nd and was there till Dec 22nd, but went back twice. I was showing signs of rejection, my antibodies were really high in January, but by my 4 months, they have me the all clear, said no signs of rejection or infection and my antibody numbers came down alot. I down feel tired but not like I used to, able to work more hours at work, but I have has 2 colds and the flu since January to now. Got to go about in a December for my annual. And now I have to do blood once a month. All this providing long as I don't start having some sort of bad symptoms. Hope u feel better soon

In fairness I did have un diagnosed bleeding for 1 month then I picked up 5 different bugs in the hospital and had different antibiotics for each one at the same time. When I went home I had to go to the clinic every week but now as my levels are improving its once every 2 weeks. I am totally exhausted doing nothing but my nurse said it's to be expected. Good luck

My visit were like that.right after surgery, but now 4 month check they have monthly. We have to be so careful about being around people, it's so crucial, we get a blessing and have to work so much harder to keep it, but it's worth it. I personally never see another dialysis center ever.

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