Dialysis Complications

My husband had Kidney Failure and has been on Haemodialysis since 03/2015 . At first he settled into the routine fine , but then got an infection through a cannula which he still had in the base of his neck until his fistula was operating 100% . This infection went straight to his spine ( Discitis ) and the pain unbearable , he is on pain patches now . The infection has not been identified , and IV antibiotics given , the infection remains . Also he continues to loose weight , down from 98 kilos to 75 .. He also suffered breathlessness , but this has just improved after being treated for a bout of pneumonia..

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  • I think you both need to talk to his nephrologist.

    Even after the antibiotics have treated the infection, there can still be inflammation left behind which will continue to cause Discitis even though it is no longer infected.

    As he is on dialysis I would imagine a lot of his weight loss is actually fluid rather than flesh weight. Talk to the nurses and doctors at his unit about your concerns, they will be in a better place to understand his conditions and an appropriate treatment plan.

    It can be difficult to settle into all the ups and downs that comes with dialysis. It sounds like you've both had a rough time since last year.

    Take are and good luck

    Sunny x

  • Thank you so much Sunny for your reply , it does make one feel so much better just to have some one listen ;-) I nag his carers all the time , he is under a nephrologist and a Spinal surgeon , who wants him to have an operation , but my hubby says no ! two of his vertebrae have fused T11 T12 .. the dietician is worried about his weight , but he eats well with good home cooked food , she has prescribed an energy drink for him .

    His infection has just gone up from 31 to 84 , but even that is better than when it was 200 at the beginning . They had him into the day case ward last week .. xray a lots of blood tests , most of the results were not too bad and no great concerns except the infection , but I will note what you say about that ... He is still in pain and has morphine pain patches .. I believe he needs some Physio by a senior , to access him just with gentle exercises to build up his muscles as he has nothing supporting his spine , and I am pursuing this ... Thank you again !


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