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Weight gain post transplant. How do I lose while on prednisone?


Anyone been successful with post transplant weight loss? I’ve gained 20lbs and have been trying to take it off for over a year.

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I've gained quite a bit more than you, I've been trying to lose it by eating small meals and some days only eating 2 meals. So far I'm not doing great but trying.

I had at first only gained eight pounds then I went to a nutritionist and she reduced my calories to 1200 calories a day and I ended up gaining the rest on 1200 a day. I recently was told my an online nutritionist that I’m eating too little calories and need to restart my metabolism. She is supposed to send me info on that

It’s not easy. I’ve managed to lose about 5 pounds but still have 15-20 to go. I have been walking a lot and trying to eat less sugars and carbs.

Match62017 in reply to Herkidney

I definitely could use more activity and less sugar. I tried the low carb and had zero energy

Exactly the same for me. About 20 extra pound I can't get rid of, even after they weaned me off the prednisone. My endocrinologist says that tacro and myfortic both induce weight gain. And I'm on glipizide for NODAT (post-transplant diabetes). I exercise hard every day, but the extra weight stays. Apparently, anti-rejection meds mess around with your hormones, especially insulin. I don't intend to stop trying but it is frustrating.

Match62017 in reply to galfieri

I didn’t know that about tacrolimus.

I’m on that and cellcept in addition to now a low dose of prednisone. I did however know that they mess with insulin. If I find something that works I’ll be sure to post it.

LisaSnow in reply to Match62017

What dose of prednisolone are you on?

I am not on prednisone and still put on 30lbs in the first year. I'm now 5 years post and that 30lbs has not budged. I exercise daily, walking, low impact, weights etc., and eat (almost) properly for the most part. My docs say its a combination of prograf, myfortic, anti reflux meds, and my body finally being healthy enough to keep weight that I always should have had. I don't feel that I am 'overweight' but I have yet to get physically comfortable with it.

Congratulations on five years. I just celebrated three last month.

It is frustrating to have the extra weight because most of mine is belly fat and I know that can lead to other issues.

I wasn’t super consistent with exercising my first year and half post transplant because although I was overly joyed to be alive I was afraid of hurting my new kidney and have experienced survivors guilt. So I could have possibly prevented some of this. I’m now at the point where I feel like I’m in someone else’s body. I’m super ready to get back in shape. I keep everyone posted if I find something that works.

Thank you. Congrats to you as well. Mine is also belly fat but I am female so there are a lot of other factors there as well. I have started to notice I am taking the shape of my mom. LOL I did not exercise at all early on. I was just trying to get used to being alive, healthy and get back to working etc. Now it seems no matter what amount or type of exercise I do, the weight does not budge. All I do now is exercise to stay (fit) and healthy and have given up on actual weight loss.

I am female as well and was thrown into menopause from a perfect storm of thyroid and rapid progression of kidney disease from a reaction to an anti nausea drug. The kidney failure was slowly progressing at that point and I would have most likely ended up needing a transplant regardless. I thankfully have no symptoms of menopause so my gynecologist says most of my weight is probably due to medications and a sluggish metabolism from age and other factors. I am scared of hormone replacement therapy Since I feel great otherwise along with the risk.

Bingo! Hysterectomy at 37, thyroid stopped working at age 8. No genuine menopausal symptoms, thank goodness. So, meds and no longer having a working metabolism = belly fat. :( I have been on estradiaol replacement hormone for over 10 years with no issues. I have friends on bio-identical hormone therapy but these are expensive and usually not covered by insurance.

Sounds like we have a few things in common.

It's a struggle. I was really underweight on dialysis, and then after transplant surgery I gained 70 lb. It took me like a year to get back down to a normal weight. Don't beat yourself up about it. Prednisone causes severe hunger and it also prohibits weight loss.

I wasn't on dialysis so my eating habit never changed post transplant. If anything I eat better because of covid19 (have to cook more myself). I am at about the same weight as before, but 8 lb more than my lowest weigh after transplant. It is hard to lose weight no matter what so just keep up with activity and eat as healthily as we can. Ideally having a personal trainer is most effective for weigh loss but it isn't smart to do until covid 19 is under control.

Yes, I am a male 6’1 220 lbs now post transplant and still losing. I was 275 before transplant. For me, I practice complete portion control with laser focus (I NEVER deviate). I love food, my nephrologist said to me, “eat your portions in relation to the size of your fist”. I’m a large man but I’m proportional physically. When I made a fist, I laughed thinking I would starve to death. But, after doing it for 2 days, then 4 days making it to a week, I new I could do it. All of my meals (no matter how big they are either made or served) I now carve out the amount in the size of my fist. Also, I have foods I love, but once every week or two. Lastly, I was never able to lose weight in the past. Fist size control has worked for me and is easy after getting through the first couple of days...Good luck..

Match62017 in reply to -8754

I’ve heard the protein theory before and to use a small plate and fill your plate with 2/3 vegetables 1/3 starch. Is this what you do in addition to the limited protein?

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Yes, basically. The other thing I do at least 85% of the time is I almost never snack. I had my wife watch me one day and asked her to log every time and everything I was snacking on through the day. I was BLOWN away when I looked at the volume of snacking and the amount of calories in addition to regular meals...WOW! Essentially, I was eating the equivalent of 5 full meals a day. I still work on this behavior every day but focusing on, rare, snacking and portion control, my body has responded well and I continue to lose weight. In all honesty, I had to really reach down and acknowledge that I was “the problem” due to the constant snacking. Lastly, mentally as I picked through the day, it seemed like I was not doing much of it, until, I saw it on paper.

Match62017 in reply to -8754

I know I am the problem in some areas. I wasn’t consistent in the beginning and I am lacking activity. I put on my Fitbit to see how many steps I’m taking on an average day and pre pandemic I was taking 7,000 on average they say you need 10,000. Days one and two I averaged 2,100 a day. Days three and four 4,500 and those days I was cleaning the basement in addition to my daily activity. As far as snacking I snack, but mostly keep it within my calorie allowance. I do notice that my nutrition isn’t as good on days I snack. It’s as if the taste of something sweet or salty triggers the desire for something more. Thanks again for your reply’s I feel like what you are saying is what I kind of knew but needed to hear from someone who’s successful at it. I’m going to try doing that and moving more. Best of luck with your continued weight loss and healthy kidney.

-8754 in reply to Match62017

Best of luck too you! Weight can be frustrating, I try to never use the word “diet” as it brings a level of frustration and a depression, to be honest, when I used the term. I’m just living by this...”weight loss makes me feel better than ANYTHING I can put in my mouth”.

My Dr put me on 10 mg of prednisone and I bloated up! Thank God they took me off and I was back on mycophenalate! This lockdown of the COVID-19 hasn’t helped as I have gained so much weight I can’t fit in my clothes and refuse to buy larger sizes. Going on Jenny Craig again which helped me lose 30 lbs before! Exercise and eat small meals

Match62017 in reply to Dara3351

How does Jenny Craig work? I’m big on cooking do you still cook your own food?

Dara3351 in reply to Match62017

I like the food on Jenny Craig, it keeps me away from fast food and temptation of overeating. You eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snack. First I used it I lost 30 pounds... I need to lose more now!

At 32months post, I had gained belly fat. 4 months ago, I bought an EBike. I have cycled 1780 miles and lost 11 pounds. (My car has only 260 mile during that same period) I have two more to go to hit my 165 target weight. My E-Bike has a computer that tells me how many calories I consumed on each ride I try for an average of 600-700 calories/day. I have to burn 3500 mor calories than I consume to lose a pound of fat. I watch my daily calories to make sure I burning more than I consume. It’s not fast, but it is working for me! Plus, the outdoor exercise is great for my mental health while staying out of the public to avoid viral exposure. 😷💚🚴‍♂️

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Have you been reducing your calories in addition to working out or just using your exercise for your calorie reduction? I’ve been reducing calories per the advice of a nutritionist and I don’t have energy to exercise. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Not really.

I lost 15 lbs while in the hospital and then gained 25 lbs more. I had a dietitian before my transplant who was absolutely wonderful. I was on a plant based diet. I was put in prednisone 10 mg and just felt hungry all the time. Finally was taken off and my mycophenalate is now 750 mg in the am and pm. Since this COVID-19 stay at home since March I feel like I am back in college gaining that freshen 15. Not being able to fit in my clothes was enough for me. I am on Jenny Craig and have lost 15 lbs so far. Love the food, don’t feel starved and my emotional eating has stopped!

Match62017 in reply to Dara3351

Congratulations on your success. I looked into Jenny Craig after someone else had mentioned it. I’ve not been working so as for now it’s outside of my budget, but it looks like it has good reviews. Thanks for the tip.

ok yea i gained total 48llbs in 1 year post transplant but after that i losed 30lbs in spam of 1½yrs just by drinking water and normal walk and yea i drink 1 cup of luke warm water in morning empty stomach... you know i lost that much but still my belly fat just decreased by 5 inch now i in mood of loosing that..

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